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What is this all about?

High speed plotting requires enterprise grade hardware that you do not need once it’s done. Enjoy fast plotting speed without having to invest in the hardware. 

Why Choose Us?

Plotting Rates

Ship us your hard drive and we:

  • Check for physical damage.
  • Complete surface test to check for internal damage.
  • Fill your hard drive with plots. 
  • Securly pack your hard drive for shipping. 
  • Friendly Support
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Frequently asked questions

Are you affiliated with Chia.Net?

We are not affiliated with Chia.Net or any of the following entities detailed in the following paragraph. 

CHIA NETWORK INC, CHIA™, the CHIA BLOCKCHAIN™, the CHIA PROTOCOL™, CHIALISP™ and the “leaf Logo” (including the leaf logo alone when it refers to or indicates Chia), are trademarks or registered trademarks of Chia Network, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

We are not affiliated with Chia.Net.

This website, products and services are delivered completely independently of the Chia Organization.

Why is it safe?

Because we do not ask for your Chia Secret Key. You should never give your secret key to anyone. 

Using your “Farmer Public Key” and “Pool Public Key” we can create plots for you to farm with your secret key.

How do I find my “Farmer Public Key” and “Pool Public Key”?

After you have installed Chia and set up your wallet successfully,

If you’re running Chia GUI, please head over to command lines and go to chia directory(activate chia virtual enviroment if you’re using Linux).

Run the command: “chia keys show”, the Farmer public key and Pool public key will be shown:

Showing all private keys:
Fingerprint: 12345678XX
Master public key (m): abxx….efgh
Master private key (m): abxx….efgh
Farmer public key (XXX):: abxx….efgh
Pool public key (XXX): abxx….efgh
First wallet key (XXX): abxx….efgh
First wallet address: abxx….efgh
Mnemonic seed (24 secret words):

Farmer public key and Pool public key shown above are all we need. This should be all a plotting service needs to create plots for you.

Do not send private keys and mnemonic seed to anyone, they are private. 

Can’t I just plot on my own?

Absolutely, the Chia team has made it very easy to create your own plots and fill your disk. However, due to the system requirements of plotting, it is usually very slow to plot on your own. In addition to that, plotting will result in a high amoung of data being written onto your disk, much more than the final plot size. Therefore, if you have an SSD, it will greatly diminish your SSD’s usable life. 

On top of that, once the plotting is done, you only need minimally equipped computer to farm Chia.

We understand not everyone wants to build a server farm in their house or buy SSDs just to discard them after plotting a dozen drives. With our service, you can skip the plotting process and start farming fast. 

Where are you and where do you service?

We’re based in the US and we currently service the US. Shipping drives to and from the US may not be in your best interest both financially and due to shipping time. Please contact us for more information if you believe we can be of service. 

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Who we are?

We’re IT professionals and Chia farmers wanting to make chia farming fast, easy and fun for you. When we started plotting chia and farming chia, we found that it can be quite tedious and very time-consuming to plot. In addition to that, to plot with high efficiency and speed, you need specialized hardware and a high degree of technical know-how. Therefore, we created our service to help you navigate this exciting journey.

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